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The Chillicothe Jaycees believes that "service to humanity is the best work of life." This is not only our motto, it is also the base from which our organization is built. Below are a few of the community projects in which the Jaycees are involved.

Community service

Easter Egg Hunt

Thousands of plastic eggs filled with candy and prizes are hidden all over Yoctangee Park. Hundreds and hundreds of children partake in the annual Chillicothe Jaycees Easter Egg Hunt every year. While the project takes weeks to set up, all the eggs are found in a matter of minutes. When you see the excited looks on the children's faces though, the effort is well worth the time spent!

Heroes Day

This is a day of honoring first-responders of Chillicothe for their service to the community. This event is held on September 11th in honor of those who gave their lives in the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center in New York City, the Pentagon in Washington DC and the hijacked airplanes, one which crashed in Pennsylvania. After a convoy of police and fire engines ride through town, a ceremony is held in the Kroger parking lot on N. Bridge Street where the Jaycees grill hamburgers and hot dogs for the first-responders and their families.

Halloween Parade

Everyone loves a parade! The Chillicothe Jaycees host the annual Halloween parade in downtown Chillicothe, usually the last Saturday in October. The Jaycees handle everything in the Halloween parade from entry forms, line up, naming the parade contest, Jr. & Grand Marshal, dignitary’s cars, float & costume judging to set up and clean up. The Evening Lions help with lining up entrants on the day of the parade.

Special Santa

The Special Santa project is one of our most popular projects. The Jaycees have a separate committee dedicated to this project. Every Christmas, trees with the names of needy children and put on Christmas trees in public restaurants and venues. People from the community grab and ornament with a kids name on it from our tree and buy gifts for that particular child and then return the gift to the place where they got the ornament. Thousands of kids are able to open up presents at Christmas time because of this project. This is a 501(c)3 which means that all gifts are tax deductible for this project. 

Any donations for the Special Santa project can be mailed to:  Chillicothe Jaycees Special Santa Project, P.O. Box 6186, Chillicothe, Ohio 45601-6186 


​fund raisers

Golf Tournament
The Jaycees hold a golf tournament every year to help raise funds for our organization. Proceeds raised from the tournament go to help support the Jaycees and their local charities such as the Easter Egg Hunt, the Halloween Parade, and Special Santa.

Escape Chillicothe
This is another fundraiser for the Jaycees. This fun event started in 2018! Teams of 4-6 people get locked in a room and have one hour to escape. Fun for enthusiast of all ages.